Reality vs. Drama

I like him but hes moving a little too fast



I met a guy with blonde hair and the most beautiful blue eyes and he is such a gentlemen and he said he likes me back and now i just wait :) Has anyone ever had that feeling where you know one person can take all the pain and frustration within you and turn it in to pure happiness?  Speaking of! I am so happy, FOR ONCE! image



I miss you and i know i probably effed up by calling your girlfriend a man today… i let jealousy get the best of me…but when you wear your beenie and have your lip piercin in..i just cant help myself c; i know you probably dont remember everything, but i sure do. Would i ever take it back? No. Because i love you and cant wait for you to realize this. When i lay and listen to music and it reminds me of some good times i cant help but cry…but… i love you…3 and u dont love me…but a part of me tells me not to give up. So im not going to..

Miss ya too honey boo! Can’t wait to have another Just Dance session!

Some of the craziest moments in time and your best memories happen with your true friends :) you know who im talking about :) COUGH COUGH MARIA hahahahahaha

All these teenagers worry about love and what happens tomorow when they should really worry about who ate there cookie


People need to get a grip and grow up. When people rub it in your face that they have boyfriends and you don’t, don’t let it get to you because as teenagers our job is to be dumb and make mistakes. Were not supposed to worry about all that drama and focus on everyone else. Go have fun and be wild and forget the people who try to prevent you from doing that.

-Live YOUR life and no one else’s-